Anton Khomchenko

Head of Digital Projects Development @ PLC Russian Environmental Operator
Project Management
Product Management
Опыт: 5-10 лет
Цена (за час): Бесплатно
Получил помощь: 1 человек
О себе

I have 9 years in digital project management. Passionate about the latest advances in web technologies. A believer in the balance between functionality and design.

Managed several digital services in the fields of environment, education and volunteering.

С чем помогу

Help specialists of different levels (Junior-Senior) with the following:
1. Technical skills: guidance and support in technical aspects, such as technical requirements creation, project management tools, and software development life cycle (SDLC).
2. Soft skills: help with developing communication, leadership, and collaboration by providing feedback, coaching, and guidance on how to handle difficult situations and challenging team dynamics.
3. Industry insights: consultation to provide an understanding of the digital industry and the latest trends, technologies, and tools.
4. Create/revise CV and give career advice.

Leadership, Management, SLDC