Kamenskaya Marina

Project Management
Product Management
Kamenskaya Marina
Опыт: 10+ лет
Цена (за час): По договоренности
О себе

A self-starter and a problem solver who loves working in an inspirational, challenging and growth-oriented environment, thinking strategically, and getting hands dirty. Have both economic and business education, 23 years of professional background in marketing and sales.

A key part of my experience is to lead the key strategic initiatives and execute the portfolio of complex global marketing projects, strategic partnerships programs and integrated communications worldwide scale campaigns to ignite growth in business, to maximize customer value and brand performance at European markets. I have managed the multicultural cross – functional teams across Europe and the USA.

I am enthusiastic and passionate about designing all aspects of marketing mix and commercial excellence with a particular focus on increasing global brand values, generating high quality leads, identifying sales market opportunities, creating executable market and customer engagement strategy to extent the market share across geography.

Currently, as the Interim Marketing and Global Market Access Director , I am responsible for building companies' global leadership positions in the markets worldwide and achieving a significant contribution towards global sales.

С чем помогу

- Entering new market
- Developing new product / brand
- Pricing strategy
- Growth strategy
- Starting new business
- Responding to a competitor’s actions
- Increasing sales
- Reducing costs
- Increasing profits
- Estimating market size

Marketing Strategy, Creative Marketing, Brand Positioning, Brand Communications, Brand Audit, Brand Key Message Development, New Product Design, Marketing Communications (Visuals and Content), New Market Access (USA, SA, EMEA, APAC, RCIS), Business Development, Client Service Design, Customer Relationship Management, CJM