Max Bantsevich

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Max Bantsevich
Опыт: 10+ лет
Цена (за час): По договоренности
О себе

Hello there!

I'm Max, CEO of, a foodtech and e-commerce software development company with almost a decade of expertise. In addition to leading, I'm actively involved in Brinc mentorship initiatives.

As a speaker at the HoReCa Help Academy, I offer guidance to top management and helping them seamlessly integrate new technologies into their operations. My role as a business consultant for restaurants and retail across Europe allows me to apply insights gained from my involvement in the Forward Fooding community to my Foodtech blog on Medium.

Situated in a prominent IT hub, I provide valuable advice to startups and actively contribute to industry associations. Additionally, I extend my support as a relocation counselor in Portugal, assisting professionals in transitioning to new environments. Furthermore, I engage in industry juries to stay abreast of the latest trends and innovations.

С чем помогу

  • Assistance to managers and team leaders in optimizing development processes (Agile and Scrum frameworks, resource allocation, and workflow optimization).

  • Guiding teams through the adoption of modern technologies and tools (cloud computing, DevOps practices, and automated testing frameworks).

  • Consulting startups and established companies in the foodtech sector (strategic planning, product roadmap development, market analysis, and competitive positioning).

  • Offer insights and guidance to help you navigate the complexities of the foodtech industry and achieve sustainable growth.

FoodTech, software development, web development, mobile development, React Native, PHP, Laravel, IoT, ML/AI, analytics, project management