Miron Puzanov

Ecosystem Manager @ Human
Project Management
Miron Puzanov
Опыт: 2-5 лет
Цена (за час): По договоренности
Получил помощь: 1 человек
О себе

Hey there, I'm Miron!

I'm an Ecosystem Manager at Human, a blockchain and AI startup with $2M in funding. Formerly, I led partnerships at Superdao, a blockchain startup with $11.5M in funding. My professional journey began at 18 when I landed a tech Project Manager role at VK Group.

I absolutely love lending a helping hand wherever I can. Feel free to reach out!

С чем помогу

– Project Management

– Blockchain / Web3 consulting

– Community Management

– Partnerships

Communications, Management, Strategy, Web3, Blockchain